It is believed that the earth rests on four elephants, who further are supported on the back of ‘ THE WORLD TURTLE -  AKUPARA .’

The turtle is a symbol of feminine energy, which provides Stability, the elephants are representatives of masculine strength and their union creates the perfect balance required to hold our planet upright.

Our homes are where we experience a huge part of our lives, it is almost like a small incapsulation of our entire world. A safe space to unwind and relax. 

Through our brand we hope to bring about the feeling  of a warm, endless hug from a loved one. 

We aim to build Akupara as a collaborative platform where crafts overlap and interlink, a space where lost stories are given centre stage.

To develop products in parallel with impeccable quality and craftsmanship, as we revisit traditional crafts with subtle modernity

We endeavour to travel and study the anthropology of places and further translate it in our design practices, to mature with time and fine tune our design methodologies to bring forward  better products for your homes.